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7 Myths About Apple Pencil: What is the real truth?

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  1. Myth: The Apple Pencil can only be used with iPads.

– Busted: The Apple Pencil is compatible with a range of iPad models, including the iPad Pro and certain iPad Air and iPad mini versions.


  1. Myth: Apple Pencil requires a separate battery.

– Busted: The Apple Pencil charges through a magnetic connection to your iPad, eliminating the need for a separate battery.


  1. Myth: Only artists and designers can benefit from the Apple Pencil.

– Busted: While artists and designers can certainly harness its creative potential, the Apple Pencil is equally useful for note-taking, annotating documents, and navigating the iPad more precisely.


  1. Myth: Apple Pencil lacks pressure sensitivity.

– Busted: The Apple Pencil offers incredible pressure sensitivity, allowing you to create variations in line thickness and shading, making it a versatile tool for artistic expression.


  1. Myth: You can’t pair the Apple Pencil with multiple iPads.

– Busted: The Apple Pencil can be easily paired and used with multiple iPads, making it convenient for users who switch between devices or share their Apple Pencil.


  1. Myth: The Apple Pencil is easily damaged or lost.

– Busted: Apple provides various accessories like cases and holders to protect and secure the Apple Pencil. Additionally, it has a built-in feature that helps you locate



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